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Click Find Devices. This will create your audio devices. Check they are in the right order and set the current input and output devices. Then create audio setups to suit your needs. Save profile, check run on start up and minimize. Change between audio setups by using the system tray icon.

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The main window

Firstly define the inputs and outputs that match what appears in your audio control panel by clicking Find Devices. Check they are in the right order. You can also create audio devices manually if you require.

Next create some audio setups. Typically this might be a speakers setup and a headphones setup. The speakers setup would only bother itself with an audio output device while the headphones setup might define a microphone for the input. The devices can either be set as default devices or communication devices.

Other options

Process monitor – You can let CAC monitor for the presence of any application and define an audio setup to run when that program runs. For example you may wish to swap to surround speaks when watching a film or automatically switch to headphones when playing a game. The process to monitor is defined in each audio setup. You can have more than one process, just separate them with a comma. After the application has quit CAC will attempt to revert to the pre-existing setup it knew about. You can control the process to start automatically by checking ‘Monitor on Start’ or stop/start it through the system tray. If you have two setups that have processes that are currently running it will the highest setup in the list takes precedence.

Run on Start Up – this makes a change in the registry to run CAC on start up.

Monitor on Start – this will make CAC will start scanning for applications as soon as CAC starts.

Prompt on Exit – keep this unchecked and CAC won’t prompt on exit. Unchecked is the default.

Enable log – this will generate a log file in the CAC application folder. It’s useful to attach this to any support requests.

Load and Save

This will load and save the settings. There’s only one settings file and it’s stored in the CAC application folder. It’s XML, there’s no surprises and you’re welcome to take a look.

Keypress delay – this is the rate at which key presses are emulated. If you have a slower computer it might be worth increasing this if CAC is not working correctly. However most machine have no problem with fast keypresses

Control Panel Display Delay – this is the time delay between the control panel appearing and the start of the key presses. A short setting should work for most computers.

Show Notifications – check this if you want those notification balloons to pop up in the system tray. Most people don’t. CAC will use the minimum display time of balloons that the operating system allows. For windows 7 this tends to be 10 seconds.

Error messages

“CAC does not have permission to save settings.” – Some users are experiencing a permissions problem when saving settings. It is currently suggested to check that the settings.xml file in the installation folder is not read-only and to run CoastalAudioChangerv2.exe as Administrator. Do this by right-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer.

“To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: …”

Either select Yes to download and install the missing .Net components or goto download them.

Version History – Initial release. – Bug fix for notification balloons.


27 Responses

  1. Thanks allot for this program! I was looking for a solution for a while and this program just does what I was looking for. One question: in the previous version it was possible to change the output (speakers to headset) with one hotkey and to change it back with the same hotkey. Is it still possible to do that? I can’t find it. Keep up the good work!

    • The second version has one hotkey for each setup, the first version had one hotkey to loop through all setups. It’ll be no problem to add a looping hotkey to the second version. I’ll put it on my to do list. 🙂

  2. Looks like the trial version automatically expired as it was installed.

    • Thanks dave,
      I got my file names in a twozzle. All fixed now.

  3. Hi, upgraded today – v2 keeps timing out on the control panel call up – tried changing settings but it makes no difference

    • Hi, it sounds like another system tray app is stealing the focus from the control panel. I’ve noticed this occur with Realtek HD Audio Manager and, oddly, Sony PC Companion software. I’d try removing other apps and see what happens.

      • I’ve closed down everything running in the system tray and on the taskbar. I get the same issue – I’ve got two profiles SPEAKERS and HEADPHONES – I get the error message when selecting SPEAKERS – when I select HEADPHONES nothing happens – Control Panel isn’t even launched :/ … I might try a full reinstall and see if that helps.

  4. OK … thats weird – full re-install and all is working fine – launched tray apps 1 by 1 – Deluge bittorrent client was causing the issue it seems.

  5. Hi, been looking for this for ages, (shame MS didn’t let you do this by API Calls directly)… just one suggestion (if possible) would be the ability to set a single hotkey to ‘toggle’ / cycle through the setups (this way i can may it to one button on my headset to switch between the two)

  6. Hmm, I purchased it not too long ago, but have yet to get it to actually do anything. All it does is open the audio settings dialog, and then stop.

    • Oh, also… Before I forget. There is a free alternative to this, called STADS. But it seems, as of recently, compatibility with windows 7 isn’t the best. I haven’t been able to get it to properly switch inputs/outputs either. I’m at a loss here. >_>

      • Hi Chad,

        This means that you haven’t set CAC to replicate the order of devices found in your audio section of your control panel. I’d take a look at the instruction video found here: If CAC doesn’t know the correct order of devices held in the control panel it’s going to send the wrong number of key presses to emulate changing devices.

  7. I see to get an error when I try to switch audio devices. The program opens the audio settings and seems to be trying to run keystrokes, but then an error pops up saying “a current audio output comms device must be set before swapping to a new device.” Same thing for input. I am using a Jabra Pro wireless headset connected via USB. I’m pretty sure I have everything set up correctly (but could be wrong.) Went through the video set up a number of times.

    • It sounds like you haven’t told CAC what the current devices are. Open CAC and you should see an entry in the Audio Outputs list that is coloured green. If not select the current device and click ‘Set Current Output’. Do the same for Audio Inputs if required.

  8. I found that the device windows aren’t wide enough. I use a Presonus Firepod as an audio device. This has 4 stereo outs to choose from, and I couldn’t see the numbers of the outputs because the device window wasn’t wide enough due to the scroll bar taking up some of the window

    • Sorry to hear that. When I’ve got a bit of time on my hands I’ll make the lists expandable with the interface. In the meantime you can change the names to some shorthand terms. CAC doesn’t care about the actual names of devices. All it cares about it is the order and the capability of each device.

  9. Hi I would really like to buy this nifty tool but cannot get it to work. have uninstalled, Reinstalled, uninstalled realtek, installed as admin, checked time and time again that the devices are in sync and in the right order but all it does is open the playback devices window which then just sits there and blinks at me…

    • I’d make sure that you are not running any software at startup that will affect CAC from changing devices in the playback devices dialog. Realtek HD Audio Manager is one such program i think – along with some phone sync software. If that doesn’t fix it reduce the keypress speed down to a crawl so you can see what it’s trying to do.

  10. Really interested in this software but had a quick question. I currently have a strange setup. I have two bluetooth headsets paired to my PC. One is actually a speaker (IRIS 9000) but it has a microphone included, so it shows up on Bluetooth devices as a headset. I also have a more traditional Sony BT headset paired to the PC.

    What I am trying to do is to send sound output to the IRIS 9000 bluetooth speaker, but for the microphone input to come from the Sony headset. Can Coastal Audio Changer do this? If not, is there a way to have the choice of headset show up under Sound Manage Audio Devices menu, so that I can select which one to use at any given time? Right now it seems as if there is only one entry for USB headset, so I have to manually connect either one or the other. I can’t have both running at the same time serving two different functions, or less ideally, have the choice to just switch which headset is used without disconnecting one and connecting the other. Please let me know if CAC can help with this — if yes, will definitely look to purchase. Thanks!

  11. Looking for a solution to my issue. I have two bluetooth headsets paired to my PC. One is actually more of a speaker (IRIS 9000), but has a microphone built in. The other is a usb BT headset from Sony. Two scenarios I think would work for me.

    1. Be able to output sound through the 1st bluetooth device as a speaker, but be able to input sound through the microphone of the Sony headset.

    2. Be able to quickly switch which headset is connected, meaning using software to quickly and easily disconnect one bluetooth device and connect to the other. Therefore, at any one time, only one would be connected. Right now, I have to go into the bluetooth devices panel and disconnect one and then connect the other (not optimal)

    Also, is there any way for both of the devices to show up under Sound manage audio devices — there is currently only one entry for bluetooth devices (whichever one is connected), and not both as separate audio input/output sources.

    Can CAC be helpful with this? Sorry if this is a double post, but I posted a comment yesterday and it hasn’t shown up yet. Thanks!

    • Hi there,
      Coastal Audio Changer is only going to flip between devices as listed under your audio devices as listed in the playback devices and recording devices in the ‘sound’ dialog. If both bluetooth devices are connected at the same time do they both appear? If so then yes, it should do the trick. Try the evaluation copy. It’ll run to 1st Dec 2014.

  12. Hello,
    Amazing how your software still shows up in the top results for Google!

    This seems to be exactly what I was looking for. However, when I installed it, it comes up with the message “This trial of Audio Changer has expired. Please go to…”. How can I try this out before sending you the $3. Thanks!

    • Can you try the download link again? I’ve just tested it and it works. It’s set to expire March 2015.

      • Yes, that worked this time and there’s no trial message. Thanks.

        However, now it doesn’t seem to be working. I followed the video, but when I click “Find devices” it finds all my devices but puts them in the reverse order. I edited the “settings.xml” file and put them in the right order. When I click the tray icon to change between devices, it gets stuck on the “Sound control panel” popup and doesn’t change any devices – the Sound control panel flashes in the tray and stays until I switch to it and click OK. The tray icon shows the setup as changed to my other device but it’s actually still on the original device. I enabled the log file, but I’m not sure how to read that to see what I’m doing wrong (if anything).

        Any suggestions? Thanks again.

      • Hi Peter,

        There’s a couple of applications that have been found to interfere with changing audio devices. Realtek and Sony are the ones I can remember offhand. Can you try with a limited load of start up applications? The other thing you should try is to open the audio control panel and just do a single click on the top entry. You should be to use the down arrow key and tap through every entry. If there’s an entry that it skips over then I’d imagine you should remove it from CAC’s list. I’d also try increasing the delay time in CAC. All CAC is doing is sending the correct key presses to the audio panel to swap devices.

  13. Hi there. I am getting an error: Error finding the control panel. Check sync and lower the speed setting. If this continues, contact support.

    I’ve lowered the keypress setting to as low as possible and have stopped Realtek HD Audio Manager through task manager. My speakers however are still labelled ‘Speakers (Realtek HD Audio Manager)’. Could you help me out please? 🙂

    • I’d advise to run ‘msconfig’. This will bring up the System Configuration dialog. On the startup tab you can temporarily deselect other startup programs. One of these is probably the cause of the issue.

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