Coastal Audio Changer version 2 now only $3

Coastal Audio Changer makes switching audio devices in Windows 7 a doddle. Version 2 supports both input and output devices, better hotkey support and a process monitor so audio setups can be assigned to particular programs such as media player software like xbmc. Purchase price is 3 US Dollars – which works out about the price of a half a local pint of beer 🙂

You can download the trial here. You’ll need .Net Framework 4 installed from Microsoft. The trial lasts for a few months. Purchase includes the original CAC too. Below is a short video demonstrating how to set up Coastal Audio Changer.


14 Responses

  1. I downloaded the trial, and I installed it for the first time and it said trial was over? I was wanting to try it before i bought it to make sure it did what i was hopping it was going to do. Can you fix this so i ca try it out?

  2. Hi Andrew
    Great app. How do i get rid of the ‘monitor’ icon in the menu?
    Now i have 2 setups: speaker and headset, but i alwyas see monitor on top of the menu.

  3. is there a way to not show “start monitor” in the menu? im not using this feature and would like to only show my setups.

  4. Great concept, but if you want my money you’ll need to create a sidebar gadget that does this. Any plans for that?

    • You’ll find details on a widget version . It works by executing a couple of vb scripts. I won’t be modifying the version published here as a widget as you’re the only one to ask for it. There’s a couple of features I need to implement that others have raised. A new born baby has got in the way at the moment but in the next few months I should be tweaking the current version.

  5. Hello,

    I need to be able to switch between “Stereo” (2.0) and “Surround” (5.1) for 1 particular soundcard. This requires clicking on “Configure” on the Audio device screen (Playback tab)… Is Coastal Audio Changer able to achieve that?

    Thank you!

    • No. It’s not designed to get into the Configure button. You might have to take a look at AutoHotKey scripts.

  6. When switching from mic to speakers do you still have to unplug your mic?
    if mic plug does not have to be unplugged,I’ll buy it now.

    • Sam,
      I don’t really understand the question. Mic is input and speakers is an output. You wouldn’t have to swap between them. It’s probably easiest if you try the trial version. If it fulfills your needs then that’s great.

      • As it is now when you switch to speakers,you can not hear them until you unplug speaker jack from headset

      • that sounds like your headset and speakers are sharing the same audio lead. Is that right? CAC will swap between devices listed in your playback devices list and in the recording devices list. Right-click on the speaker in windows 7 taskbar to see lists.

      • No,headset front jacks,speakers rear jacks

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