Coastal Audio Changer – full version, updated

Coastal Audio Changer has been updated to handle non-configurable audio devices, handles up to 7 audio devices, controllable speed of change, hotkey control, multiple languages and one cute icon.

The full version of Coastal Audio Changer is now available at the bargain price of 3 USD. This purchase price includes all future versions – the next version is running a little late but hopefully out very soon.

Hope you like it. The trail version is available for you to try out. The trial period lasts about a month allowing plenty of time for you to fall in love with the little blue speaker. I would advise downloading the trial here rather than the Cnet or Softpedia links. Cnet demands their own copy which they check for nasties. Fair enough but it means I have to send them a new trial version twice a month and sometimes I forget.

If you purchase through paypal please click the link that returns you to the merchant’s store – that will direct you to the download location. I’ll also send you an email with download details as soon as I receive confirmation.

Next release should be very soon. In between outrageously long commutes I’m working on the final bits.


63 Responses

  1. Hi
    I am trying out the trial version of Coastal Audio Changer. After installation, I had a shortcut on the desktop and no “blue speaker” in the task bar nor tray. I dragged the shortcut to the task bar. Upon clicking, I get the whole setup screen. What happened to the small taskbar icon that was supposed to show just my 2 audio selections to choose from? Help? Other than that, it looks like a very promising software to my WIN7.

    • Hi David,
      Double click the desktop icon to run the software rather than dragging the icon to the system tray/taskbar. After double clicking the desktop icon you should see the audio changer’s interface where you can make your personal settings. After the software has been run once it will always start minimised. To access the interface you can double click on the blue speaker in the system tray. It sounds like you haven’t run the software yet. Let me know if you’re still stuck.

  2. Hi, I’ve set up all settings and rebooted several times, but no blue speaker minimized in system tray. I am using trial version – maybe this quirk is fixed in paid version?

    • David,
      The first thing to check is whether it is running. It should be listed in Task Manager as ‘Coastal Audio Changer’.

      There’s no difference between trial and full versions. I would try installing the application as administrator – that may have a bearing on it. And make sure that you have .net framework installed. For the program to run on startup it makes an entry in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. That’s worth checking to see if that’s there. It’ll make that entry in the registry if you check the box that says run at startup. Keep me posted.

    • Just a thought David.. The program isn’t sitting in the grouped window that pops up after clicking the upwards arrow in the system tray? If it is you can select customise and set windows to always show the icon.

  3. I uninstalled and re-installed as admin. Now, blue speaker appears as intended. I right mouse and get my 2 selections. I select USB headphones and the best it does is bring up audio device mgr- no changes in dev mgr unless I make them.
    Thanks for trying.

  4. That generally means the program is out of sync with the current audio device. Open Control Panel and note what the current audio device is. Close Control Panel and then open Coastal Audio Changer and make sure the radio button is selected against the current audio device. If the control panel appears close it and finally before saving double check that the current device is correct. You can hover over the volume control in the system tray to get the current device.

  5. For some reason, I’ve installed it but the Control Panel button doesn’t open the control panel.
    Nothing else works either, but I figure if i can solve the reason why the control panel won’t open, I’m part way there.
    I am running W7-64, and I’m pretty sure I installed it as admin.

    • I suspect this is a permissions issue. I’d reinstall as administrator to see if that works. I personally run windows 7 in test mode to avoid all the hassle of permissions. I’d also see if you can run a simple vbs script. Take a look at my post on vbs scripts. If you can get a vbs script to pop up control panel then my program should have no problem either.

      • What do I have to put into a vbs script to open the control panel?

      • My blog post goes into more detail but to get control panel to appear from a vbs script. Create a text file and place the following inside;
        Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
        WshShell.Run "%windir%/system32/control.exe /name Microsoft.Sound"

        Rename it test.vbs and run. Coastal Audio Changer makes the same call so if the vbs script works so should the program. I suspect the trouble you are experiencing is a permissions thing if anything. Have you tried Run As Administrator on the program?

      • The script definitely opens the control panel.
        When I installed Coastal Audio, it went through and installed the .NET framework 4 client profile.
        Now I can uninstall and install the audio changer very quickly.
        However, starting Coastal Audio is only done through this shortcut on the desktop.
        The type of file is:
        ClickOnce Application Reference (.appref-ms)
        It has no “Run As administrator” option

  6. Let me do some testing on some spare win7 machines I’ve got here. Is your win 7 account an administrator account or standard user?

    You can adjust permissions but going through Properties > Security when right-clicking on the desktop icon.

  7. I have an admin account, but on Windows 7 things run without admin permissions even on an admin account unless they specifically request admin, then you get the opportunity to give it to them without a password.

    Also, the Properties > Security permissions relate to what various groups can do to the file in question, not what the file can access when it is run.

    Thanks for looking into this btw.

    • Any news?

      • Hi Vandervecken,

        Sorry for the delay – I’ve been working on adding hotkeys to the program. I should be finished this week and I can look more closely at your problem.

        I did try setting up a fresh standard non-admin account on my windows 7 box and the software worked fine. So i’ll need to investigate further.

  8. Ok, I installed this again and now it opens Control Panel, but I can’t make it change the device.
    In my devices in the control panel I have:
    1) ATI HDMI Output (unplugged, disabled)
    2) Headset
    3) Speakers
    4) Realtek Digital Output

    I have tried with headset and speakers on 1&2, and on 2&3 respectively, but I can’t make it change the default.


    • Mike,

      How did you get on with the vbs scripts? That’s probably a good route to identifying where the key strokes are failing.

      If your default device is, say no.2, then once the control panel appears the key strokes, for no.3, should be down, down, down, tab, tab, enter followed by esc to close the window. You could try that manually and let me know what happens. The fact that your first device is disabled shouldn’t be a problem since you are only passing through it with the down key strokes. If it’s the case that you need to use custom vbs scripts i’ll add that to the program – so there’ll be some override. It might be useful to others.

      • Ok, I’ve managed to get a few of the changes to happen.
        The problem change seems to be when I am sitting on 3 and I want to move back to 2.
        It seems to go down down, but misses the tab, and goes straight to Enter Escape, which opens and closes the Properties.

  9. It looks like there’s a need for some users to identify audio devices which are non-configurable. Not knowing this stops the pc from changing audio devices. I’ll do a fix to the app. asap. Thanks to those who have responded.

    • Cool! Thanks!

  10. How come the speed setting is always reset to the default value on each restart of the program? Very annoying.

  11. In about 10m I had this configured on Win7 Premium 64, from my Logitech Harmony One, to flip the audio device from Toslink S/PDIF to local Speaker output. Easily worth the $5.

    Thanks very much.

  12. I think this is exactly what I was looking for for my Logitech wireless headphones.

    One question: when switching the audio source, the Windows 7 Sound control panel pops up. Is there any way for the switch to happen invisibly?

    • Unfortunately not. Microsoft forbids direct communication with the OS sound control so key emulation is the only available route.

  13. I tested the trial on my Vista HTPC, and it works very well.

    I would gladly pay for the full version except there is one feature missing that I consider a must for an HTPC – some form of OSD to let us know what audio devices gets selected via hotkey/rotated to.

    I have 4 audio devices (and outputs) in the HTPC and I never remember which one I used last, so when I use the hotkey (via Logitech remote), I don’t know what device will be selected next. So I have to hover with the mouse over icon in the taskbar to see which output is active – kinda defeats the whole purpose of this nifty tool 🙂

    Can you add an OSD message to Windows desktop (with configurable delay), to notify what output was just made active?


    • I’ll look into Virgil. Sounds like a good idea.

    • New version has ballon-style messages to windows desktop informing user of switch to new audio device.

      • Just bought the full version – thanks for adding the balloons:-)

        Also have a few comments/questions – see below.

        * Question: how do we get updated full versions when/if they are released?

        * Suggested feature: “repeating” shortcut keys, to allow the direct selection of a device that may not be next in the selection order. For example:
        CTRL+G selects next device in the list
        CTRL+G+G selects the device that is after the next (skip one)
        CTRL+G+G+G skips two devices
        and so on, you get the idea. (Not sure if this is possible but it would be a nice feature)

        * Another suggestion: MediaCenter interface for the utility – similar to what VistaAudioChanger had. I would buy the software again if it had this 🙂

        * And couple of minor gripes about the balloon messages:
        – They should have a (configurable?) timeout; now the message just stays there until closed by user.
        – Message text should be “Changed to…” instead of “Changing to…” since technically the device is already changed when the balloon is raised.


      • New releases
        You’ll receive notification via email of new versions.
        Well you wouldn’t be able to do CTRL+G+G in one key press so it would be two key presses defeating the purpose. I could implement individual key presses. If people want this please email me.
        MediaCenter interface
        I’ll look into this.
        System balloons will always stay visible until a key press or a mouse action has been detected by the system. I can implement another type of a balloon for HTPC users. New release will say ‘Changed’. 😉

  14. Hi there i just purchased your software and the assigned hot key isn’t working, is there something in specific that i have to do, or are only some keys usable for hotkeys?

  15. Happy with the software… just what I needed. Here’s a feature request: can you add a microphone switcher as well? I have a mic in my webcam as well as my wireless headset… it’d be great to be able to switch between the two as easily as switching speakers.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

    • I second that!! Don’t have any need to switch speakers. But I do need to be able to switch between different microphones.

  16. I just purchased the full version of the software, but it seems that I’m having a lot of the same issues that others are/were having. Issues I’m having:

    – When I restart my computer my speed settings are reset although the speed bar is still positioned where it’s supposed to be. To get the speed settings where they need to be I’m required to move the bar one direction and then move it back again. I have to do this on every restart to have the program operate at the correct setting.

    – I’m not sure if you’ve already implemented this or not, but my balloon still says “changing” instead of “changed”

    – When I start my computer the program appears minimized on the main taskbar and I have to open it up and select “save/hide” to make it hidden. I wish the program would automatically hide itself when windows starts.

    – When shutting down my computer the program forces the shut-down process to hang because it appears that the program wants to be closed manually.

    – Like Virgil, I would also like to see an option to disable the balloon messages.

    I am using windows 7 x64

    Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase, but improvements in some of these areas would take this program from “good” to “amazing”.

    • Hi Ryan,
      I’ll look into those issues for you.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Speed settings now save correctly.
      Balloons can be disabled and display ‘changed’ as required.
      Option to remove confirmation before exit.

      Regarding CAC appearing in the main taskbar on reboot. This has to happen for hotkeys to be recorded. For some reason MS won’t allow hotkeys to be recorded for applications that start in a hidden mode. I’ll work on fixing this – perhaps in the short term allow hiding for CAC where no hotkey has been assigned. In the long term I want to work on a new version that will take in other improvements too – individual hotkeys for devices & audio input devices.

  17. Have just upgraded to the full version and am happy with your product, however have two feature suggestions for a future update:

    Can you look into setting a default device on startup or even preferably resumption from a power saving state (screen off, etc). Sometimes i find that I forget to revert back to speakers after using the headset and being forgetful i spend 5 minutes wondering wtf.

    Secondly, could you add a prompt to the “x” close button askingg if i would like to close the program, or continue to run minimised. I have inadvertantly closed the application a few times already.

    Thankyou for this product, and I am glad to see you appear to be actively implementing proposed fixes and features

    • never mind the second request, i found the promt on exit tick box

  18. “Error finding audio panel” – no matter the speed settings nor how much I reconfigure the app. What might cause the issue? Win7 x64.

    • This is due to the language setting of Windows. CAC is looking for the ‘Sounds’ dialog if in English. It has support for a few other languages – Spanish, French, German, Dutch and Italian. If you are using Polish let me know and I can always implement it. I just need to know the name of the Sounds and Audio Devices windows. The one that pops up when you go Start > Run > control mmsys.cpl

  19. Ah, I see. Haven’t thought about it. I do indeed have Polish Windows, and the name for the window is “Dźwięki”, and the tab with the devices listed (which opens by default) is called “Odtwarzanie”.

    I’d greatly appreciate if you implemented Polish into the progam.

    Thanks for your response,


  20. The first name is not “Dźwięki”, but “Dźwięk”, sorry for double-posting.

  21. Hmm, I reinstalled the application from the source given on this website, but nothing changed. Unless you only up’ed the full version – I can’t purchase it now as it isn’t working for me yet.


    • I placed Polish support in both trial and full versions. “Dźwięk” is definitely the name of the Sound dialog? And you did set the language to Polish?

      I’ve made an alteration to the code so please download again. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

      Many thanks.

  22. It does recognize the windows now, but the program seems to have problems with changing device upwards. I only have two devices active – If I want to select the #2, it goes up->down perfectly, but from #2 to #1 (down – up) – always fails.

    • Can you send me screenshots of your audio control panel and one of your
      CAC interface? For some reason I’m getting email bounces when I contact you directly.


  23. Great little program, just purchased it now ^_^

  24. Very nice app. If you would take the app name out of the notification balloon, I would like it more.

  25. I have been using the (paid) version for a while now and is a great app, but here’s one more suggestion for you.

    If the “run on startup” option is selected, upon reboot the app fires up but it just stays there waiting for input until “Save/Hide” is clicked. With a true HTPC it is annoying to have to do this after each reboot, there should be an option to “start minimized” or something, where the app launches as a tray icon by default.

  26. Hi,
    Nice tools. One more suggestion:

    I’m using the full version on a HTPC with WMC. I would like to be able to execute the program with a parameter controlling the audio device selection. The idea is to add a menu selction item in WMC (by use of Media Center Studio) / or excuted by a remote controller. Thus being able to shift between audio devices without having to use af keyboard.


    • Hi Peter,

      The next version is going to have three means of changing devices: through the system tray, hotkeys and process monitoring (for things like HTPC software and Skype). You’ll also be able to set a default startup setup but I’ll investigate the idea of parameters as well.


  27. hi there,

    i am running w7 64bit. i would like to use this software so that i can use itunes with my usb dac and the onboard spdif to my receiver for media centre and movies. is it possible to do this?

    Many thanks


    • I think so Shaun (but i had to google what a usb DAC was). In short it will swap the audio output between any device that is listed in your audio devices list in control panel. You can try the trial version as it’s the same as the full version and I’m happy to give refunds if people are not happy with the purchase. Let me know how you get on.

  28. Amazing little program, just what i was after and with a nice price too.

    Only issue i have, and its already been said is when running “Run Audio Changer on start up” i have to click save / hide but as u said your already working on it then i have nothing to worry about 🙂

    10/10 for software and 10/10 for amazing support + nice guy 🙂

  29. This hefty utility has great potential and is one of the few out there that actually work in my opinion. However I hate that Microsoft has prevented developers from actually touching the sound properties directly without using auto scripts. The reason why I hate scripts is because its not instant. I know you can re-adjust the speeds but if you adjust the speed for Coastal Audio Changer to the highest it wont work because the Playback Devices window may not load fast enough so you have to adjust it right for each individual PC. Also if your running a heavily intense video game or movie that same speed that worked before may need to be tweaked even more slowly because of the CPU load. Another problem is when your playing a full screen video game or watching a full screen movie…when you hit the hot key it knocks you out of full screen while it changes the sound input and some games completely close out because it was not intended to be minimize or taken out of full screen in that manner. Again its a shame that Microsoft prevents us from touching the sound properties directly but until someone can figure it out to do just that this won’t work for my personal needs. However Coastal Audio Changer does exactly what it was designed to do so A+ for that.

  30. Another post because I cannot edit my previous one. I thought I would look past the macro part of the utility and give it a trial but another thing that bugs me I found out is that if I remove or add another sound device like a usb headset or usb microphone the order of the sound devices change every time. What this means is if you tend to be switching out any type of audio devices that you will have to tell Coastal Audio Changer to change with it and reorder the audio devices every time. There needs to be some way for Coastal Audio Changer to recognize the audio devices and recognize them in real time so that if for example “2.1 Speaker Logitech”, marked as audio device 1, gets some how switched with “Wireless Headset”, marked as audio device 2, or if they get thrown in with the other three audio devices I have plugged up to my computer that Coastal Audio Changer will recognize that and automatically pair them up again. That might be a feature you should look into adding. Just my two cents. Still a great piece of software. Reason why I am dogging on the cons is in hope that the dev will implement resolutions.


  31. has been installed and running for 6 monthes with no problems but the blue speaker just dissapered one day.
    i have tryed installing as admin and i tryed “vista compatiblity mode” as advised by Windows 7 then i removed it, cleaned the regestery, rebooted and started agen.
    still no joy.

    • If you reply back with your email I can do some support with you directly. (it won’t be published to the page don’t worry).

      It sounds like the registry entries were removed. unchecking and re-checking the ‘run on startup’ checkbox in the application will re-write the registry settings. Are you saying that you can’t run CAC at all? If that’s the case could you let me know if you are running as admin and does the program still exist in Task Manager?

  32. Gerald Best Solution…

    […]Coastal Audio Changer – full version, updated « Coastal Audio Changer[…]…

  33. This software is great and I have been looking for a solution like this for ages. Cheers! I’ve just paid for the full version through PayPal (via Chrome). I didn’t have a link to the merchant store to get the full version. Please help!

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