Coastal Audio Changer – trial version now available

Coastal Audio Changer makes switching audio devices in Windows 7 a breeze.

It’s been designed for people that have two or more audio devices on their Windows 7 machine such a set of speakers and a USB headset. To change between them you normally have to right click the volume icon in the system tray and load up the sound section of control panel, select the new output device, hit default and hit ok. Yuck! That takes ages. Coastal Audio Changer will sit in the system tray as nice shiny blue icon and with a couple of clicks flick between devices. And to be honest it’s taken longer to describe what it does than to show it. So watch the video and download the trial. You will need the .Net Framework installed from Mircosoft. Trial lasts for a couple of months and I’ll post the full version here asap.

Let me know what you think. All suggestions should be sent here.


33 Responses

  1. I would love this tool if I could assign a hotkey to the different playback devices.
    I want to use my remote to change the playback device of my HTPC. For this I would use a tool that converts IR commands to a Windows hotkey. This works fine so I could also use this converter with your audio changer tool 😉

    • Good idea Michiel. I’m a little busy this weekend but i’ll try to get it in next week.

  2. Is there a way to make this work within a batch script?


    • I’m going to add some hotkey assignments to the functions so hopefully that should work with any batch script you want to use.

  3. Hi,
    I just successfully installed the trial version, and it is “half” working. I can switch from device A to B via the tool, but if I try to switch from B back to A, the tool gets stuck in the control panel. I suspect the reason is that for one of my devices, the “configure” button is disabled, so the tool executes the “properties” button instead (because I briefly see the properties dialog of the device appear and then it is immediately closed again. Is it programmed to tab through the dialog box a certain number of times or something like that? Maybe there is a better way to focus the cursor.
    On the right track though – it is a shame this sort of thing isn’t a standard windows feature!

    • Hi Lars.

      You’re correct in what you say. The program, just as the scripts, emulates key presses. As your device is a little bit different the key presses are not matching up. If I were you I would look at running vbs scripts instead. That way you can control the key presses that you need in your situation.

      I’ll look into allowing some vbs script overrides in the program too.

    • I have exactly the same problem with one of my devices. What about an option that compensates for the missing tab? Figuring out VBS scripts is beyond me. 🙂

      Thanks! -JP

      • done, that’s what the configurable checkbox is for.

      • Thanks so much for the “configurable” mod. Works like a charm. Just paypalled you. Truly useful!!

  4. Thanks for the quick reply and the advice regarding the VBS scripts. I’ll have a look around and will keep an eye on this page as well.


  5. This is a very useful little utility and I have upgraded to the full version which works fine under Windows 7 64bit. Hotkeys would be great if this can be implemented.

    One other small point – every time I reboot, the Instructions/Configuration window pops up. Can this be fixed (so that once configured it automatically minimises to the tray on restart)?

    • A beta version with hotkeys has been sent out to owners of the full version to try.

      Thanks for your comments James. The program should start minimized once you have saved your settings. I’ll place it on my to-do list as something to investigate. If anybody else is experiencing this please get in touch via

  6. Thanks for this.

    I have tried the Beta and my comments are as follows:

    The ‘Hotkey’ allocation will not work with many key combinations – for example using the number keys on the right hand number pad. It also will not work on ‘special’ keys (I have G1 – G18 on the left of my keyboard). It does however work with combinations such as Ctrl+A.

    The other point which is odd, but not really a problem is that changing the audio device using the hotkey does not change the ticked audio device in the System tray. In other words, when I change from speakers to USB device, the audio changes, but the tick on Speakers in the Audio Tray does not move. It still suggests that the speakers are connected.

    These are minor problems and I am really delighted with the utility which works very well. Thanks again.


    • I’ll look into trapping non-standard keys at some point.

      I can’t replicate the other problem described. For me the system tray correctly follows the changes when using the hotkey. I do run my windows 7 in permanent test mode so i’ll remove that and test again.

  7. Hi i was looking for this kind of software. I would glady buy this software if it had hotkey option.

    • The new version has a hotkey option which will rotate through the available audio devices.

  8. Nice work on adding the option to define whether a device is configurable – that has solved my issue from my first post – now all we need is the ability to define “useless” keys such as Scroll Lock as a hotkey, and the program is perfect!

    • I’ll look into for you Lars but it’ll be hard to test it – I don’t have a scroll lock key on my keyboard. Glad you like the program though.

      • Well, even a Function key (e.g. F12) would be good – or doesn’t your keyboard have F-keys either? I tried mapping them but it didn’t work. I’m making do with Ctrl-Q for the time being, but a single-button would be ideal.

  9. I agree with Lars. This was already a very nice little utility, and well worth the price for the full version – and the recent improvements have made it even better.

    It would indeed be perfect if we had the ability to assign the ‘useless’ keys as the hotkey.

    However, even without this, I would unhesitatingly recommend this programme to anyone who has two or more audio devices on their system. I have some USB headphones as well as speakers and the ability to switch easily from one to the other is very helpful.

    By the way, the problem identified by my post on 19 June above (the tick in the system tray) has been resolved in the latest version but I am still having the Instructions/Configuration window pop up after any reboot. This is not a major problem, but it would be good to sort this out – does anyone else have this slight problem?

  10. Love the app. Was looking for a widget/sidebar solution, but this is doing the trick so far. Great job.

  11. Hello

    Heaving problems, the control panel dosn’t close itself.
    I have read abuot it in the up post but still having problems.
    Can u plz explain what to do with the configure button.
    Can u add pic. ?
    Also , I’m using an M AUDIO as the secend sound card with ASIO, is it make adiferent ?

    • That normally means that you haven’t set the ‘configurable’ checkboxes
      correctly. If you open up control panel and select a device with the
      left mouse button you may see the bottom left button on the panel become
      enabled. If you do then you should mark it as ‘configurable’ in the
      coastal audio changer dialog using the configurable checkbox against the
      device name. Select each device in turn from your control panel to
      identify which devices are configurable and which are not.

      The reason why the control panel doesn’t close is because CAC is sending
      the wrong number of key presses to select the device and close the
      control panel. Once you’ve set up which devices are configurable it
      should select the correct device when asked and close the control panel

  12. The program work only when i switch from SPDIF to desktop speaker.
    When the desktop speaker are selected as the defaut device, i change device in taskbar, the SPDIF output become selected but stay grey like is not set as default. Any help? i would definiitely buy the full version if it could work.

    • I had to disable the configurable checkbox for the SPDIF device. Im buying!

      • Now i want to completely hide the system tray not only with the windows option, i dont want the arrow (lol). A checkbox in the gui would be nice!! Otherwise i havnt found how to remove only one icon from the taskbar in the register. Any solution?

      • You want to remove the icon from the system tray completely and just run changes through hotkeys? I’m not sure that would work well. You’d need a shortcut to get back to the gui since you can’t alt-tab to it. What happens if you forget what the hotkey is?

        Can you tell me why you want to hide it from the system tray? Perhaps you can hide it through control panel preferences – for notifications?

  13. todo: do something so the keyboard shortcut works every time, after that add an option to disable the tray icon, but you can still open the main gui.. the best of all, find a way to do it internaly without using that damn windows sound panel and then make money.

  14. I’ve just installed the trial version and it’s working great. However, I can’t get the hotkey facility to work. I can enter the key I want to use on the configuration screen but it doesn’t seem to work. Can I use any key on the keyboard, and do I have to do anything special to make it work? I assume I should be able to change the device without using the mouse?

    • The hotkey setting should work with most alphanumeric characters. I believe it doesn’t work with function keys. It should work happily with something like ctrl-shift-a etc. Can you let me know what combination you’re trying.

      • Working now. I was trying to use a function key. It works as ctl-a or ctl-A.

        Thanks for your help,


  15. Trial has expired, can’t even try it.

    • Sorry – that appears to be the case. I’m away on holiday, when i get back later today I’ll update the link. Trial version now expires 1st April.

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